Why you must be an eagle in business….

June 10, 2015

I’ve been meeting and helping business owners for 17 years and people ask me what is the one most important ingredient of business success.

There probably isn’t one thing, but if I was put on the spot and had to pick one, I would say that you must be an eagle in business.

Eagles in business are those business owners who start one business and finish one business.  They have lazer-like focus.  They root out their problems and solve them.  They don’t get distracted by shiny objects, they don’t divert from their business strategy, they don’t end up with lots of products or different types of customers, they ground out their results month in, month out, week in, week out.

Magpies, on the other hand, are constantly thinking about new businesses ideas without finishing the ideas they had last year.  The get bored easily, they are distracted by new dreams.  They won’t finish projects and they are paralyzed by choice and they spend too much on pipe-dreams.

Eagles always make more money than magpies.  As Steve Jobs, put it best, after scrapping around 50 product lines after he rejoined Apple:

“I’m more proud of things that we didn’t do than the things we did”.

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