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Drowning in paperwork? We know the feeling.

For most businesses, paperwork can become overwhelming. We all know that proper documentation is key to the smooth running of our businesses, yet it sometimes feels like a losing battle. Even if you follow the best advice and ensure that everything within your business is well documented, you can still end up feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed by the sheer mass of documentation. Paperwork can get lost, documentation misplaced, and the results for your business can be devastating.

At RS Accountancy, we know the value of good business documentation. Not only do these documents communicate with suppliers, customers and stakeholders, but they also provide evidence of transactions and insight and analysis of operational productivity.

We’re here to help. Our business documentation services ensure your operational efficiency by maintaining structured, up-to-date, user-friendly support documentation. With our expertise, we will guide you through best practice documentation processes that control, monitor and substantiate your business. Contact us today and get your head above the paperwork.

5 ways our business documentation services can help your business

When it comes to documentation, it is essential to have standardised processes, clear measurements and consistent quality levels. For many businesses, this is near impossible to achieve. Competing deadlines, thinly-stretched resources and underperforming systems all contribute to poor documentation. Our team of experts are well equipped to manage all of your documentation needs.

Here are five ways our documentation services can help your business to save money and become more productive:

  1. We can standardise company-wide templates and processes for implementation
  2. We can track your business processes and changes to predict varying impacts
  3. We can monitor the performance of your business processes and identify weaknesses and strengths in your systems
  4. We can regulate both internal and external documentation for the smooth running of the business
  5. We can ensure that other processes that require documentation are fully supported (e.g. tax)

What kinds of documentation do I need for finance and accounting?

Below is a list of the most common kinds of business documentation that you need for your business:

  • Purchase Requisition: An internal document that is generated for internal purposes. The Purchase Requisition will be used to generate a Purchase Order and includes key information, such as date of requisition, item required and quantity.
  • Purchase order: An external document that is sent out to suppliers as a form of request for goods or the provision of a service. The Purchase Order will contain information such as shipment address, item, quantity and price.
  • Receiving report: An internal document made to testify for the receipt of services and items acquired by the company. This may contain information about date received and in what condition it was received.
  • Sales invoice: An external document for customers for service rendered or goods received. There are strict regulations on what must be included in this document, and invoice machines usually need to be registered. Failure to comply can result in a penalty.
  • Cash or cheque voucher: An internal document that testifies to the disbursement of funds from a company.

These are just a handful of the different kinds of business documentation we can help with. Strong documentation is the foundation of your business, so contact us today to take control of your paperwork and get on track with our systematic and efficient business documentation services.

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