When an entrepreneur hits the wall of complexity….

May 10, 2012

I’ve been reading a great deal about entrepreneurs recently and they do seem to have some common traits:

1. Relentlessly optimistic
2. Ability to bounce back
3. Attention Deficit Disorder
4. Creative
5. Seeing the big picture and the future
6. Salesperson

I’ve also seen entrepreneurs display all of these characteristics in the early days of their business and see massive growth.  But after a few years they suddenly hit a very big brick wall…

This is the wall of complexity.

Their business gets to a certain size where the complexity has got to such a point where it is strangling the creativity and growth and sapping the entrepreneur of his/her energy.

The tricky thing for the entrepreneur is that a business at £200k a year is totally different to one at £1m a year.  There has to be a different rationale to management, software, systems, strategy.  Often, the business will grow quicker than the skills of an entrepreneur and eventually, the business will simply stop growing. 

Sometimes, the sheer amount of time taken up by managing the complexity of the business can suck all the sales and marketing time out of the entrepreneur.  Which is the one thing that got the business to be in the position it is in. 

If entrepreneurs are one thing, it is salespeople.  Selling to banks, customers, their team, suppliers.  That is what they do.  When a business gets to a certain level and the entrepreneur feels that he can’t leave his office because of all the things to do, that’s when you know you are in trouble.  The office is where you hide from opportunity.  The office is not where creativity flows.  Just think about the last great idea you had, I bet it you didn’t have it in the office. 

However, the complexity of a business DOES need to be managed, so the bottleneck has to released. 

In future posts, I’ll explore how….

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