What makes a great sales person

January 20, 2012

The best sales people are the ones who are people-centred, relational and have a high degree of empathy. These type of people are generally the ones who are concerned about what other people think of them and have a fear of rejection.

It has always struck me as strange that at the same time, the best sales people are continuously willing to be rejected because they are trying to win sales. However when rejected, because of their people-centredness, they are likely to feel it more keenly than other less relational people.

Behind this paradox, lies the answer behind the ‘how can I not appear pushy?’ question. A great sales person will never even ask this question, since a great sales person is obsessed, passionate even fanatical about their product or service. The great sales people (usually the business owners themselves) are so enthusiastic about their product or service that they are willing to tell every person, risk every rejection and never ever give up on a potential sale if they believe the prospect needs what they have to offer. Pushiness doesn’t come into it. If you are genuinely mad (even unhinged) about your product or service, its impossible to be pushy. Overbearing maybe, but not pushy.

For every one sale that you may lose for being too enthusiastic about your product or service, you will gain ten for being unreservedly passionate about how your product and service can add value to someones life.

Just don’t expect yourself to feel great for the one prospect who rejects your enthusiasm. This is what makes you a great sales person.

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