What Business Tasks Could Your Accountant Help With?

October 17, 2016

Accountants aren’t just finance managers. They’re business experts. Discover how our accountants from the UK could help you with business operations.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that accountants only concern themselves with filing tax returns, but you’d be wrong.


Accountants are experts in everything from finance to business management, which means their use extends far beyond the data-recording, walking calculator The Simpsons might have you believe.


Our accountants, specialised in UK business support, can help you complete a number of vital tasks. Take a look at our list of what we can do for your business, and see if anything surprises you.


Tax Management


Of course, accountants can do a lot more than filing your tax returns, but they will still do it all the same.


From registering your business with HMRC to managing your specific tax obligations — VAT, corporation tax, PAYE — an accountant will expertly execute all tasks relating to business taxation.


This also includes maintaining accurate and up-to-date books and saving throughout the year to meet tax demands. At the end of the year, they will complete your business tax returns, taking all the pressure out of financial management.


Our UK accountants are experienced in the art of tax management. We not only help complete tax tasks, but can also help you save tax, too.


Payroll and Payment Management


Dealing with tax is not the only financial task an accountant can carry out for you.


Accountants will take responsibility for payments to both employees and businesses, managing the majority of your outgoing expenditure.


By having a dedicated expert complete such tasks, you ensure they are not only dealt with in a timely and efficient manner, but that you are also not overpaying suppliers or staff. As financial experts, accountants know when you’re getting a bad deal.


Other tasks included under payment management are repayments on loans, tax payments and distribution of profits to shareholders, investors and owners.


In simple terms, find an honest and trustworthy accountant and you never need worry about money management tasks again.


Setting up a Limited Company


The process of turning your self-employed, one-person business or partnership into a limited company has an array of benefits, but it also comes with a number of complex tasks to carry out.


You’ll not only need to deal with basic tasks like registration of the business name, address and shareholders, but also drafting up shareholder agreements, company rules, details of rights and ownership, and so on.


As experts in the management of business tasks, our accountants specialising in UK business can help you set up your limited company.


Growth and Expansion


Part of running a business is having to grow, expand and adapt, but that isn’t always easy.


Expansion and growth bring into play new tasks and responsibilities, from extra employees and tax obligations to shareholder meetings and advanced marketing strategies.


An accountant may not be a recruiter or a marketer, but they can help you organise and manage such tasks in a way that optimises both financial and time efficiency.


An accountant can be very useful to have around during expansion, as they have no sentimental or emotional attachment to the business, meaning they can help advise on the hard but necessary decisions required for the company to evolve.


Advanced Administration Tasks


This one is probably the most surprising for business owners.


Our accountants can help you with some of the more complicated administrative tasks. These include creating documentation for share transfers, registering new company employees, brand names, copyright and more, as well as initiating and carrying out a company closure if you should decide to shut up shop.



Need help completing business tasks? Contact our accountants from the UK and we’ll provide all the support you need.

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