What are your 3 key priorities for this week?

July 29, 2012

Sunday evening is a great time to start thinking through what to achieve in your business in the following week.  For me, it is better to start this process before you go to bed on Sunday so that your brain starts working and concetraing on what needs to be done (I call it ‘work mode’, its a different setting in the brain to ‘family mode’ or ‘leisure mode’ – this is not based on any kind of science by the way).

One of the things I see in myself and in other business owners is that it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and work that need be completed.  Writing a task list is time management basics 101 but sometimes writing a task list can make the whole process demotivating rather than motivating (the old saying goes ‘feeling listless, make a list) since it is difficult knowing where to start.

So thinking just about 3 key priorities is a good place to begin with.  Often, finding these 3 key priorities isn’t actually that difficult.  The really, really important things are fairly obvious (a clue, by the way, is how much you want to do them – if you really don’t want to do something it is often the task that really needs to be done – do the worst, first).  The difficulty lies in having to turn down lots of other tasks which seem appealing or urgent, and they absolutely are, but compared to the 3 key priorities they are not AS important.

Waking up to the fact that because of time constraint you will never achieve everything you ‘have’ to achieve is at first alarming but over time it can become liberating.  After all, there is not point doing something really well if it did not need to be done in the first place.


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