Very very important new Russell Smith video – Beware of the new dividend tax

March 9, 2016

Very very important message…..

In the last budget, you may have noticed that most of the papers were talking mostly about tax credits.  But behind the scenes something huge was happening that would affect small limited companies everywhere.

A £3,000 tax had been created to hit these businesses.  This tax is coming into force on 6 April 2016.  You won’t need to pay it until 31 January 2018 but you have to start putting money aside for it now.

Because if you take the £3,000 out of your company to pay this income tax on 31 January 2018, you may be hit with another 32.5% income tax – that’s another £1,000.

Scary numbers huh?

Watch my video on this:

You need to take action now to plan for this tax…..have a look at my videos:

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