This very simple thing could save your business, it could even save your life…..

April 14, 2012

I finally got round to picking up a book that I wanted to read for a while last night, it is called ‘The Checklist Manifesto’ by Atul Gawande.

Now you probably know what a checklist is but, like me, you probably don’t know the power that a checklist can have on your life and business.

I have been a keen proponent of systems in my own business and the businesses of my clients for years now. I have seen the effect of what a system can do to the smooth running of a business and how it provides leverage to the business owner. At the same time though, I find writing systems incredibly boring, tedious and could happily think of a million other things to do than get started on system writing. So whilst, I do believe in systems in my head, my heart has been distinctly lacking in passion for this area of business, until now…..

‘The Checklist Manifesto’ talks about the incredible difference checklists have made to many different organisations. The author is a doctor and the most interesting stories (some are downright incredible) are to do with the impact of checklists on hospitals. How a simple piece of paper and a pen has dramatically brought down infection rates, reduced the cost of litigation and saved lives.

The author’s central argument is the sheer volume of information that we have to carry around in our heads is simply too much to effectively remember. This is why checklists are essential since they prevent the inevitable human errors.

I always regretted not working for McDonalds at some stage in my life since this business has a near perfect system of checklists but after reading this book I feel a new awareness and enthusiasm to systemise business further and to create the checklists that the business can rely on.

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