There’s too much to do

Author: Russell Smith
September 12, 2012

Like you, I’m always busy.  There’s always lots of tasks, projects, ideas to follow up and complete.  I have stacks of books, articles, periodicals to read at any one point.  I have family commitments, house chores, friends to keep up with. 

One of the best pieces of time management advice I ever picked up was – you will never get caught up.  There will always be too much to do and too little time to do it.

I’ve always found this incredibly helpful.  Here’s the catch……

You have to be able to pick out your most important tasks and single mindedly focus on them until they are complete.  There will always be a few tasks that are massively more important than all the other tasks that you have to do.  The trick is identifying what they are.

Here’s the secret though, you probably already know what they are.  They are often the ones you really don’t want to do.

Do the worst first.

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