The joy of working on a Sunday evening

February 5, 2012

You know that bleary Monday morning feeling when you stumble into work? You have a headache, you stayed up too late trying to extend the weekend, all of Friday’s problems that you put off are now staring you in the face and at this time of year, it is cold – and there’s snow around (what could be worse?).

This feeling is shared by the vast majority of people on Monday morning. Even if you love your job or love running your business, the Monday morning funk can really drag people down. So much so, that Monday can drift into oblivion leaving the real start to the week being Tuesday, although by now only have four days left.

Being highly motivated or ‘in the flow’ is a great place to be but for some reason, I was always started to be like this on Tuesday mornings and it would escalate until Fridays only to disappear on Monday.

Obviously, we are all wired differently in terms of what motivates and inspires us, but I became so annoyed at myself over this weekly pattern that 12 months ago I decided to take radical action…..

I started working on Sunday evenings.

I know, it sounds crazy. I’ve already blogged about what little social life I already have but I felt I had to do something, so I did – I started working Sunday evenings.

Not many hours, maybe 3, sometimes 4 or 5 but I basically started to follow the same system.

I checked in all my personal finances. I then reviewed all my goals and RAG’d them (put red, amber, green on them depending on whether I was behind, almost on track or on track), I then (and this is the crucial part) went through my diary for the week and I planned my week in real detail.

Usually, I would complete this in a couple of hours. I would then start work on my week, effectively before the week had started. Usually, by checking my emails which gave me a heads up on any tasks, issues which I may have missed.

Here’s what it did for me…..

When Monday morning came, I was already highly motivated since I had cracked through the motivation barrier on the previous evening. It had a couple of add-on benefits – I hit the office with a planned agenda for the week which made me feel like I was making forward progression AND (this is the benefit I liked) it felt like I was ahead of my team and my clients since they were all in the Monday morning funk that I used to be in. This then gave me a chance to respond to issues which inevitably arose with a clear head and speed.

Notice, I said it felt like I was ahead. Of course, I have no idea if my clients and team were suffering from the Monday morning funk but have you ever noticed that you get fewer emails or phone calls on a Monday?

I admit, working on a Sunday evening will only work for a few people. I had to put off watching X-factor for a whole 24 hours and have to admit that I will sometimes work in front of ‘Call the Midwife’, but give it a try and see if it makes a difference to your Monday morning effectiveness.

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