The 3 essential roles in business – which one are you?

July 5, 2015

In any business, there should be 3 arguments going on.

The first is the sales person who argues for growth of the business.  This person is usually the entrepreneur and business owner (and the one who will shout the loudest).

The second is the finance person.  This is the more cautious one who wants to preserve cash and is looking for a disaster around the corner.

The third is the product / operations person.  This is the person who is in love with the product and wants to deliver it to the customer in an effective way.

If you have three people in your business in these three roles then that will make for a lively debate.  The trouble is, if you are a one-person business, you probably have to fulfill all three roles.  If this isn’t head-spinning enough, you are probably really good at one role, okay at one role and awful at one.

So, the trick here is to get someone in your team (either an employee, freelancer of an outsourced supplier) to fulfill these roles.


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