How to Find a Self-assessment Tax Return Accountant near Me

March 13, 2020

What Is a Self-Assessment Tax Accountant?

A self-assessment tax return accountant is either an individual or a firm that offers professional tax return services to businesses. The level of service can vary from correspondence with HMRC and submitting your accounts to taking control of your financial data and records and completing the forms themselves on your behalf.

Why Would You Want a Tax Accountant’s Help?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a self-assessment tax accountant for your business. 

One of the most commonly cited reasons is to avoid stress. Tax returns can be complicated, especially for larger businesses or those with lots of varied income sources and suppliers. Having a professional handle your tax returns on your behalf lowers the chances of mistakes and removes the burden from your shoulders. It ensures accuracy, legitimacy, and leaves your mind free to focus on other tasks.

On the subject of freedom, another reason businesses may opt to hire a tax return accountant is to save time. 

Even for small businesses, tax returns can be a significant time investment. Tax returns must be accurate and honest. Failure to provide all the information required can result in penalties and even legal proceedings for the worst cases. For your business, this can translate to a considerable amount of time taken to reconcile figures, double-check dates, and make sure everything is in order. The problem is that when you have a business to run, any task that takes you away from the day-to-day can have knock-on implications for productivity. The answer may be to let your business suffer while you put the necessary time required into your tax returns, or it may be to let your tax returns suffer and not pay them close enough attention. 

Or there is a third option. 

Tax return accountants can do all the work for you — bar you providing them with access to the financial data you’ve been keeping. This allows you to get on with the management of your business without sacrificing the quality of your tax returns — running associated risks as a result. 

How to Find a Great Self-Assessment Tax Return Accountant near Me

Not all tax return accountants are created equal. A quick search for local accountants may bring up plenty of results, but is that going to ensure you get the best service? Probably not. If you want to find a self-assessment tax return accountant near you who is going to offer the service you require, we recommend you consider the following:

  • Reviews — Always check the experience of previous customers. Reviews help you understand if you can trust the words on an accountant’s website. At RS Accountancy, we can tell you we’re the best accountants near you, but we’re not going to say anything else, are we? 
  • Qualifications and Certifications — Alongside reviews, certifications help you get a sense of experience, and whether or not the business is going to be reliable when it comes to managing your all-important tax returns.
  • Niche — It’s always best to work with an accountancy firm familiar with your industry. Read their website and see if you fit the bill as an ideal customer for them. If you don’t feel like they’re targeting you, then you should look for somebody who is.
  • Other Options — Local accountants aren’t your only option. With advances in remote work, online accountants can offer businesses all the modern support of a 21st-century accountancy firm with the convenience of a local business. Don’t settle for an accountant near you if an online service does it better.

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