Should you help someone out even if you know they will never become a customer

June 11, 2012

Here’s an interesting one…..

I was recently at a shop and my intention was to browse some products.  However, I didn’t know what I wanted but I did have a supplier of these products in mind to buy from.  I was open and honest enough (or dumb) to tell this to the shop owner who promptly took offence that I would do such a thing and figuartively threw me out the shop.

From the shop owners point of view, there was absolutely nothing in it for them.  I had come in to their shop and had openly admitted that I had no intention to buying from them and had even said that I would buy the product but from someone else.  I guess an equivalent would be to walk into a book shop and declare that I wouldn’t buy any books since I had a Kindle but I was just browsing books I would like to buy (I’ve done that as well!).

That said, the shop owner was very annoyed that I was in their shop and was unhappy that I would do such a thing.

So it got me thinking…..should you help someone out even if you know they will never become a customer?

Feel free to post a comment on this since I really am interested in what others think about this.

The shop owner knew that I wasn’t going to buy anything that day and knew that the chances of me buying anything was very very slim since I had admitted that I was going to buy from another supplier.  They had two choices, one – be nice and helpful anyway or two – get rid of me as quick as possible.  The shop owner chose the latter option and I was promptly dispatched.

Which option would you choose?


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