Should I have paid someone to decorate my bedroom?

February 12, 2012

I’ve just spent 4 hours glossing the skirting in my bedroom to cap off a week’s ‘holiday’ decorating.

It has been a reasonably enjoyable day (I was in the ‘gloss-zone’) and it had a good evening, I was invited to take part in an inaugural film club where ‘Tinker Tailor Solider Spy’ was shown. The film was great but the conversation before the film made me think. It appears that the majority of people in attendance had at some point, paid a decorator to paint their rooms.

This isn’t that surprising I guess but what was surprising to me was – why didn’t I?

I pay a cleaner and a gardener but for some reason I have not paid a decorator and have taken a week off work to paint my bedroom. Was this the correct decision? Have I saved money on a decorator only to lose it by not being at work?

It is this question that we as business owners should be asking ourselves every day – what are we doing that we should be paying someone else to do? As business owners our time is extremely valuable yet at the same time it is very easy to hold on to tasks and responsibilities that we should be giving other people. These tasks could be simple things such as filing, answering the telephone, booking meetings or they could be converting sales leads, reviewing work or running meetings.

Many businesses suffer from a lack of delegation, whilst it may look good on paper not to hire another team member, the hidden cost of carrying out the tasks that could be completed by someone else could be huge.

So next time you answer a cold sales call or do the photocopying or run a meeting that someone else could run, think of me slopping paint on a wall and ask yourself the question – can someone else do this?


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