Planning power part 1: Why entrepreneurs don’t like to plan

August 12, 2012

Here’s part 1 of a 7 part series on planning….

If you are like most entrepreneurs the ‘p’ word doesn’t fill you with excitement. 

I remember earlier this year, planning out our sales strategy and which prospects we would call and in what order.  One of my team became exasperated and said ‘why are we sat here talking, let’s just call them’.

This is a very common thing for an entrepreneur to say because after all, they have probably started their business in a wave of excitement, little planning and gut feeling.

In my experience, you can actually get quite far with gut feeling, force of nature and little planning.  But a wall does come and it is generally the £1 million turnover mark (although can come sooner depending on the business).  At this level, business is at a totally different stage and planning is crucial.

So if you don’t like to plan, over the next 6 days I will highlight 6 business areas where planning is essential….


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