Planning power part 6: The next level

August 17, 2012

The next level.

Sounds very cryptic.  I have no idea what it is in your business but I know what it is in mine.  I guess the next level is different to everybody and every business but you probably have a good idea about what it is even if it isn’t that well defined.  The next level for you, may be the absence of things you have now.

Whatever the next level is, it is tough to get there unless you plan.  Certainly, with planning you are likely to get there faster.

Knowing what the next level is may be simple but its the mapping out (in real detail) how to actually get there step by step which is the real challenge.

So here’s a quick and easy tip.  Some find it difficult to plan the next level of their business in one or two big planning days, so have a go at planning little and often.  For example, working on your plan every day may work for you since your planning will be moulded by the daily experience of your business and then the plan could be more pragmatic and not just theoretical or idealistic (which can come from the larger time investment of planning days).


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