Overcommunicating your vision to the team….

June 19, 2012

There comes a time to any business where it becomes more than the day to day operational activity.  That day may come right at the beginning of a business life or it may come at a much later stage.  This mostly depends on the business owner.

Operational activity gets the job down for the business but it is the long term, overarching vision, the meta-narrative that will capture the hearts and emotions of the team members and, in turn, the customers. 

The vision can be one of the most difficult things for the business owner to find.  I say ‘find’ because it isn’t a task on a to-do list, something to tick off.  It takes time and the business owner may have to figure out their own personal vision before they can tackle the business vision.

The other difficulty with vision is that it can change and often does as the business gets bigger, the aspiration gets higher, the goals become larger.  The business owner has to be 100% sure of what they want the business to achieve because when brick walls are hit (and they will be), the blood and sweat isn’t enough, inspiration and emotional connection with something bigger than ‘have we hit target?’ are the things that will carry a business owner on to the promised land.

Once the business owner has the vision, all they then need to do is to build a team around them who they can share the vision with so that those team members can catch it and drive it forward, sometimes in more powerful ways than the business owner can themselves.  Getting people around them to do this means finding the right people and ‘overcommunicating’ the vision to them i.e. never stop talking about it and more importantly never stop living it through the actions, week in, week out, day in, day out.


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