One of the benefits of having an accountant that you may not think….

Author: Russell Smith
August 31, 2012

Modern life is amazing.  TVs, Cars, Iphones, Dishwashers make all our lives much speedier than our parents lives were. 

All of these speed and immediacy comes to an immediate halt when you phone up most large companies’ customer service. 

I personally dread the ‘Sorry but we have high call volume at the moment’ message.  You can get that even in the dead of night.  Surely, its ‘We don’t have enough staff here at the moment’.

One telephone ‘hotline’ you do have to put up with is the HM Revenue & Customs helpline.  I’ve heard many examples of how long it takes to get through and the help you receive once you’ve done so to know that its not a great use of time.

As agents to our clients we can guarantee that you never need to speak to the tax office again*  A big benefit of having an accountant.

*To let you in to a secret, we have a special agent line which doesn’t take as long to get through!

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