I Can Start Your Business: 5 Reasons to Pick Up Russell Smith’s First Book

February 23, 2017

Russell Smith has launched his first book, detailing everything you need to know to start a business on the right foot. Discover why you should pick up your copy today.

My first book is on the shelves! Well, the digital shelves at least.

For over a decade, I’ve helped plucky entrepreneurs take their first steps into the corporate world, offering advice on how to start a business with a strong financial footing. The problem was that my audience was finite; I couldn’t reach the masses outside of my local client base.

So, I decided to write something that could really help those who needed advice from somebody who has done it all before. Taking all the usual questions I get, plus plenty more pieces of information I felt it important first-time business owners know, I’ve put together the book I Can Start Your Business. This book covers everything you’ll ever need to know about the financial side of setting up a business; from bookkeeping to HMRC regulations.

But why should you devote hours of your time to reading this book? Here are five reasons why this book is a must-read if you a looking to start a business.

1. It’s Simple, Jargon-Free and Easy to Understand

The finance world is packed with complicated jargon and buzzwords. The whole system of managing business finances can seem like an absolute minefield only navigable by experts. However, once you scrape away the tough shell of business finance, the majority of the processes involved are actually fairly simple to manage. It’s only when you start to scale up, becoming much larger with many more responsibilities, that things are best handed over to somebody like me.

In the early days, though, just as you’ve started your business, you’ll likely have all the tools you need to manage your finances, but only if you follow best practices and understand what is required of you.

You can talk about business finance in a big, bold and confusing way, but that doesn’t help anyone and really isn’t necessary. In my book, I take a simple approach, helping soon-to-be business owners with no prior knowledge of financial processes understand everything they need to know.

2. You’ll Learn the Basics of Accounting

This book, while simple and easy to understand, doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to the real mechanisms of business accounting. We delve directly into all the processes you’ll need to understand and manage while running a business.

Invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns, insurances, expenses; all this and more is covered in detail.

You won’t find vague, far-reaching sentences or ideas in this book. Instead, you’ll find targeted information designed to address and explain all aspects of accounting, so by the time you’ve finished, you’ll know everything you need to about basic business accounting practices.

With financial health so important when looking to start a business, this knowledge could prove invaluable later down the line.

3. I’ve Done it All Before

I’ve been in the accounting business for many years and I’ve run my own business for over a decade.

I know exactly what the trials and tribulations of starting a business are. This book isn’t from some accounting expert who just knows what the best practices are; I’ve been in your position.

In the book, I look at what is most important from a business owner’s point a view — not just an accountant’s. I know all about the pitfalls and the problems that come with running a business and have written this book in such a way that will help you overcome them.

4. Enjoy the Personalised Extras

My book wasn’t just written with copy-and-paste advice that you can find anywhere. Sure, some of it is it common knowledge and common sense, but I’ve also invested a lot of time into putting extras into it that only I could have added.

Throughout the book, you’ll find tidbits and pieces of personal experience. You’ll also have opportunities to get in direct contact with me about questions and I provide a number of useful spreadsheets, documents and templates.

5. You Can Start a Business With Confidence

Enthralled by the idea of starting a business, but terrified about the prospect of managing your own finances? By the end of this book, you’ll be confident and clued about how to get your business off the ground.

The simple language, comprehensive covering of subjects, expert insight and personalised touches all come together to form a book that I truly believe will help you start a business with the utmost confidence in your abilities.

The project was designed to make the average business owner an expert in the basics of business financial management. If that appeals to you, pick up a copy and give it a try.

If you’ve read the book and have questions, or would like to get in touch for some more information or to talk about how we can help you set up your business, get in touch with your local Leeds accountant today.

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