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August 23, 2015

I saw a great film on the weekend.

‘Eden’ a biographical story of a dj in Paris and the French House music scene.

It followed this guy from 1992 to 2013 who had success as a dj and producer.  He’d had lots of fun and yet by the end of the film he still didn’t really have any money.

One of his problems is that he would pack venues out in clubs but a third of the punters would be on the ‘guest list’ so they effectively would be let in for free.  Result: no money made.

Twice in the film, the guy said that he didn’t ‘track his money’.

Bad move clearly, but even if you don’t feel that you are that great at tracking your money (first step – be honest about it), get someone around you who is (an accountant, bookkeeper, person in your team) and listen to them when they say that the money is running out or that there is a problem.

Nothing worse than having success but letting the money fritter away.

I particularly liked the film since it brought back great memories of my dj-ing days and club promotion in Leeds (don’t die of shock, I was cool once).

I once lost £2,000 in one night.

Great party though 🙂

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