It’s P11D time! What does that mean and does it apply to you?

Author: Russell Smith
May 20, 2015

HMRC have released the 2014/15 benefits and expenses Form P11D plus updated guidance to go with it.

What does this mean and should you care?

A P11D is a form that is required to be submitted by 6 July 2015 to HM Revenue & Customs.

The form is for employees (directors and non-directors) who have received a taxable benefit from their company (this can apply for 1 person company) or if they have been paid expenses (but excluding mileage allowance at 45p per mile)

A taxable benefit could be:

Company car

Private medical

Employee vouchers

Interest free loan

Travel and subsistence (but not mileage allowance)


This form is in addition to your normal personal tax return.

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