It’s budget day again!!!! YES!!!! Join me on Twitter at 12.30 for live updates….

March 16, 2016


It’s budget day…..AGAIN!

This is the 4th budget in 12 months, it literally doesn’t get any better than this!!!

I’ve got:

my slippers on,

popcorn in a bowl,

hot cup of cocoa

chocolate biscuits

and I’m ready in anticipation to see what our friend George has in store for us…..

It’s actually been a very eventful year re tax, big changes to pensions, property rules and worst of all….the new dividend tax (see my youtube video: Russell Smith tips).

There is a rumour that he may do something extra with the higher rate band (i.e. increase it), which would be amazing news for small business owners but this has been promised before so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

It starts at 12.30. I’ll be on Twitter with live updates: @russellstweets @rsaccountancy

Tomorrow, I will be blogging a summary of the key changes and I will recording a video on YouTube.

Stay tuned!

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