Is all accounting software going online?

Author: Russell Smith
May 7, 2013

Last July, I blogged about the different accountancy packages out there…..

Which accountancy package should you use in your business?

Since then, I’ve had a real surge of interest in the online package – Xero.  There are others, as you’ll see from my blog post, but Xero is the one that most people are talking about.

We have quite a few clients now on Xero and there are some features on it that really are great, like the bank reconciliation part (where you import bank statements), checking and raising sales invoices and then emailing to clients on your iphone is also pretty cool.  Some of our creative clients really love it and like the other online packages, it enables us to dip into the numbers and help clients easier.

Up to now, for many small businesses (especially start ups) we have to persuade them to stop using SAGE (a great package if you are an accountant, not so much if you are anybody else).  Online packages like Xero provide a great alternative.

Except now we have SAGE One.  The SAGE answer to the glut of online packages.

I haven’t used it yet, if anybody out there has – get in touch, I’d love to hear how it compares to the others –

By the way, not only is all accounting software seemingly going online, all software full-stop is going online as well……which is a great thing, more on this on a future blog.

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