Increase your bank balance, boost your profits and save tax

November 8, 2015

Do you lay awake at night worrying about customers paying you and the lack of cash in your business bank account?

Is your business growing but you are not sure if your business is making profits?

Are you concerned that you may be paying too much tax?

If YES, then come along to hear Russell Smith from Russell Smith Chartered Accountants tell you the 10 secrets of building a cash rich, profit making business that doesn’t pay any more tax than it needs to.

Russell will be looking at:

– How to get customers to pay you in full and quicker than you thought possible
– How to predict what your cash will be at the end of the month
– How to get the best possible payment terms
– How to set a profit goal and achieve it
– How to work out where your profits are coming from (it won’t be where you think it is)
– How to ensure that your whole team is focussed on making profits for your business
– How to get on top of your tax bills very quickly
– How to avoid unnecessarily paying tax
– How to plan lower tax bills for the future

Russell has been in the Round Foundry Media Centre since 2007.

He accidentally started his business with no customers (he knew accountancy but didn’t know anything about sales and marketing) and become a Round Foundry Media Centre resident in 2007, a month before the financial collapse. Since then, he has grown his business to over 300 clients across the UK, has been voted best accountant by Lloyds Bank and the Mail on Sunday and is the only chartered accountant in the world who blogs every day.

Here is what participants of Russell’s last presentation said:

“Really helpful, clear, engaging and easy to understand”

“Friendly, approachable, interesting, knows his stuff”

“Russell was great”

“Very engaging, funny and informative”

“So impressed by Russell, so helpful”

The event is free and is on at 1pm, Tuesday 25 November 2015. For a ticket please email me at

0113 337 2130

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