I believe that my waistline is expanding but I’m not sure why….

May 1, 2012

Today, one of my team members who will remain nameless (actually I will name him – it was Hahtem!) mentioned, right in the middle of a conversation about something business related, that my waistline had expanded in the last couple of weeks.

My wife this evening has confirmed this tonight (as she handed me a hot cross bun….in bed!).

Over a 18 month period, I lost 2 stone.  Here’s how I did it? 

1. I stopped eating in-between meals
2. I stopped eating chocolate, cake and crisps
3. I started to sporadically run round the block

and here’s the really important 4th point:

4. I weighed myself every day

Now, if you read any diet book (I quite liked ‘I can make you thin’ by Paul Mackenna) they will tell you to only weigh yourself every week (and some books will tell you not in the first fortnight of dieting).

However, I am an accountant and if there’s one thing I believe in more than anything, it is the power of KNOWING your numbers so that you can track your progress.  What you measure will improve.  I’ve seen it time and time again across different businesses and across different parts of the business.

I even saw it in my 28 pound weight loss 18 months ago.

So, back to the story – Hahtem and my wife think my waistline is expanding.  There’s two things I can say about this.  Firstly, I think they are right.  Secondly, I only think they are right, I dont’ know they are right because I have not weighed myself for the last 7 days.  So, basically, I have no idea on the number.

What’s at stake here is my good looks.  But when you apply this to your business, unless you know, track and improve your numbers, eventually your customers and others will begin to see that you are getting a bit flabby around the waistline and go elsewhere to a better, fitter more attractive competitor.

As a ‘reality’ live experiment, I will show you how tracking your numbers can improve the number by recording at the end of my blog my actual weight and target weight.  I will record it right at the bottom of every blog so unless you have read this blog post, you won’t know what the numbers are for.

Now for that hot cross bun, I mean apple.

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