How to welcome people

January 24, 2012

I was one of the founding members of a local BNI networking group which was set up about 3 years ago (if you haven’t heard of BNI, ask me about it, it’s the marmite of networking – and I LOVE marmite).

The one thing that was drilled into us from the start was to be welcoming to new people. We were told to treat anybody who came through our door as ‘our best customer’ as if they were ‘entering into our house’. This was great advice because we quickly became known as a very friendly networking group.

Because of this, my standard for feeling welcome is very high. This high standard leads to a very disappointing life since most places you go into do not welcome you as their ‘best customer’. If you can work on this in your business, you will gain an edge over your competitors. Here’s some questions to rate your welcoming:

1. How long do people wait in your office until you see them?
2. Are they greeted with a smile?
3. Do you serve them nice coffee?
4. Do you serve them food?
5. Do you have clear directions?
6. Is there free parking?
7. Do you offer them to leave their mobile at the door, and if they have any messages, reception will write them down (this is a good one)
8. Do you ask them how they are getting home? Do you pay for this?!

If you have any other great ideas of how to welcome people email me at

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