How to increase your productivity by 50% today

February 2, 2012

You know when you have one of those days, where you get into the office and you are continually chasing your tail? You come home, sit down and ask yourself ‘What did I actually achieve today?’ Hey, it happens. If it happens to you a lot then read these top 5 tips for increasing your productivity by 50%:

1. Write your ‘to-do’ list the night before. Don’t do it on the morning. Better still, make it a ‘will-do’ list (this should be shorter than a ‘to-do’ list). Do this every single day without fail until you are in the habit of it. Don’t get confused by what method you should use: pen and paper, iphone, outlook – changing your ‘to-do’ list tool is not going to make you efficient, discipline does.

2. Single handle every task. Don’t multi-task. All the evidence shows that if you flit from one task to the other, you will add on lots of time in the day thinking about where you were at with your work. Take things one at a time, don’t let others change this.

3. Don’t take interruptions….from anybody. Schedule your telephone calls in blocks of time, if your team interrupt you, tell them to go away (if this is your boss, be polite!). Wave a red flag at them and say that they can speak to you later. Better still, wear a red t-shirt (like I do), not only does it put people off, you also look slightly more fashionable (sort of). But for the best way to avoid interuptions, put on headphones, works every time.

4. Work from home if you can. Again, the evidence shows that employees work harder at home. Yes, the cat (or dog etc.) may disturb you but as long as you feed him/her, they will go away (not like your employees/employer).

5. Finish the task. Stop doing distraction. Completion is the key.

If anyone has any other great ideas, feel free to comment…..

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