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May 31, 2012

A good friend of mine who runs a large charity talks about the difficulties of changing things in his organisation.  He says it is like trying to do a re-fit on a car whilst the car is driving on the motorway.

I think business is the same.  I’ve heard more than one business owner say that they would love it if time just stopped, no phone calls, no meetings, no interruptions so that they just work on improving their business and making it better*

No such luck I’m afraid.  Its like football, it is and has never been about who is the better team.  It is about who after 90 minutes has scored the most goals.  The fight against time is part of the game.  In business, you have to improve your business at the same time as running your business, that’s just the way it is.

There is a secret though, that most successful business owners know and that is that you can make massive improvements in your business if you take one small step at a time.  Baby steps, one bite at a time, you’ve heard the cliches, but as my wife says about gardening – ‘little and often’ and that’s how you get the business improvements to happen.

There’s 3 things you can do, do overwhelm and worry about your business not being as good as it could be, do OTT, try and change everything next week and either burn yourself out or let the day to day matters of the business fall down or do the steady change by taking incremental steps.

The best thing about the ‘little and often’ option is that you will quickly get the big mo – momentum.  Once momentum happens, it becomes like the snowball effect.  Soon, you have so much momentum that change happenss effortlessly.

For some great books on this, look out for ‘The Compound Effect’ and ‘The Slight Edge’.

*If this is you, time will officially stop between Saturday and Tuesday, 4 days where you can work on your business non-stop unless you have a family, friends or love the Queen!

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