How to get rich – in 9 words…

April 4, 2012

My blog today could potentially save you lots of lots of time.

If you would like to know how to get rich there are many books out there that can tell you how. Most of these books will be between 200 and 300 pages and will take you 4-5 hours to read. If you read two books on the same subject there’s a good chance that they will give you conflicting advice. So to save you this time, I’m going to tell you how to get rich in 9 words.

Just 9 words.

It really is that simple.

Although before I tell you the 9 words I do want to say that whilst it is simple, it isn’t easy. And it takes time. Sorry about that, I can’t claim to tell you how to get rich quick (if there is a way, I don’t know it).

These 9 words can apply to business owners, employees, most people really. Of course, before you read the 9 words it would be worth defining in your head what it means to be rich. I don’t mean philosophically, I do actually mean financially (not that the philosophical question of being rich isn’t interesting but I’m not qualified to talk about – I’m an accountant, I think in terms of money!). Ask yourself the question – what amount of money does it take for you to be rich? It will be a different amount to the next person, but that’s okay as long as the amount is enough.

It has to be enough because the 9 words really isn’t easy at all, it will take lots of discipline, time, hard work and above all consistency. It’s better if you act on it when you are younger but it could be started at any time of life. Okay ready……

Here are the 9 words…..

How to get rich….

9 words….

They are…..

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.


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