How long did it take you to speak to HMRC on the phone?

May 27, 2015

One of the aims of the government has been to cut down on tax avoidance schemes to raise extra money as well as cutting HMRC staff to save money. It’s called ‘more for less’ and a decent strategy for any business to adopt.  However, it doesn’t always work and I’ve heard reports of offices in HMRC with half the staff that they hard 3 years ago.

The impact on this is that people are having to wait extraordinary lengths of time to be connected on HMRC helplines.  I’ve recently heard of 2 hour waiting times!

The last thing a business owner wants to be doing is to be waiting on the phone which is why I have always offered ‘managing HMRC phone calls and correspondence’ as part of our service. As a business owner, you should never really be in the position of waiting to speak to HMRC and speaking to HMRC since the waiting and talking is best done by an accountant.

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