HMRC computer glitch on P11D notices

September 29, 2015

P11D forms to declare any benefits that your employees may have (including yourself).

In July 2015, HMRC had a few problems with their computers and did not send out reminder notices to companies to tell them to submit the P11Ds.

Now despite this, HMRC say that they are still expecting all companies to file their P11Ds (the deadline was 6 July). However, they did give a grace period until 21 July.

However, HMRC’s computer problems continued in August 2015 resulting in P11D(b)s and payslips for overdue Class 1A NI being sent out incorrectly to employers who may have already submitted the forms and paid their NI bill.

The result is that many computers don’t quite know where they are.

If you are one of them, feel free to contact me –

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