August 4, 2012


Just finished watching the Athletics tonight and witnessed history as three gold medals were won by team GB, the highest total in one athletics session ever.  I had already seen the two golds in the rowing earlier and looking forward to seeing the highlights of the cycling.

Its so interesting hearing the winners interviewed after they have won their medals.  The roar of the crowd is incredible but this must be the absolute pinnacle of their sporting experience.  How many hours have they trained alone without anybody watching them?  How many early nights have they had to keep their bodies in shape?  How many sacrifices have they made along the way?

Of course, we have seen the winners but there are many, many also-rans who hadn’t made it.  A few weeks ago, I met someone who’s brother had spent 3 years training for the Olympics in race walking.  After trying to qualify in 3 races, he posted his personal best time in the 4th race only to miss out on qualifying for the Olympics by 13 seconds.

3 years training, 13 seconds.

There was an incredibly intersting article in the Times yesterday which is worth checking out online if it is still available.  It was on grit. 

Grit is the special ingredient between success and failure.  Although it is more than that, the article suggested that to insulate children from failure is to make them less likely to succeed and that life’s disappointments are crucial to success. 

Certainly, Jessica Ennis has had her fair share of disapointments and the person I feel sorry for most is Rebecca Adlington but they are all shining examples of what it means to achieve success.  Its a pity that we just see them at their olympic best and don’t see the heartache, sacrifice, pain and boredom that surely all Olympians have to go through to get to the podium.


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