Get a real USP – write a book!

July 10, 2012

In a crowded market place finding a real USP (unique selling point) can be a real difficulty.

A USP can be something to do with your product or something to do with your service (by the way – ‘great service’ is not a USP!) or something to do with your speed.  In small business though, the USP will ultimately be the business owner and what they stand for (their own brand values).

So to get an instant step ahead from your competition, positioning yourself as an expert in your field is one sure fire way to do this.  We all know the types of things you can do – telephone seminars, ebooks, emails, networking, speaking etc.

The real deal though is to write a book i.e. a proper book – one that’s printed!  E-books are fine but they don’t carry the same weight (literally) as a printed book.  A book by you will give instant credibility to your business.

So how do you get published?  You don’t!  The purpose of writing a book is not to become the next best seller (or the next Fifty Shades of Grey!!!), it is to give credibility and communicate to your prospects what you are about.  Nobody will read it by the way, well – some may read a chapter, but it is there if somebody needs it.

You don’t ‘get’ published, you publish it yourself.  Rest assured, nobody is ever going to ask you ‘do you mind if I ask – did you self-publish that book or is published by a publisher?’  It never happens.

Writing a book is a massive undertaken but I do know two of my clients who have done such a thing with great results (check out Simon Benn – The painkiller

Look around at your competitors, I bet none of them have written a book – get there first.

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