Fridays – why its a bad day for the last day in a week

July 25, 2012


Its a funny thing that on the last day of the week, many people slightly take their feet off the gas, kick back a little, take it easy.  I’m sure you don’t (!) but have you ever noticed how hard people work on Thursdays compared to Fridays?

I guess you can’t go full throttle for the whole week BUT if you think back to the break even calculation that I blogged about a couple of days ago, there comes a point where your gross profit (sales less cost of sales) goes past your overheads.  If you are measuring your profit in week, this point is almost certainly going to happen on a Friday (or earlier, if you are making more money).  If you are measuring your profit in months, this point will happen in the last week and possibly on the last day of the last week which could be a Friday.

So for the majority of businesses Fridays could be the most important day of the week not the least important.  So what do you do you do about the fact that virtually every employee sees Friday as the least important day?

You can either fight the national psyche and change the culture in your business to make Friday the most important day OR

Make Thursday the last day of the week. 

Your monthly performance could either be a month (i.e. the 31st – a Tuesday this month – is the last day of the month) or you could measure months in 4 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks. 

If you do the latter, you could make the week ending on a Thursday rather than a Friday.

Yes, I hear you cry, but won’t people still slack off on a Friday and then give your next week a slow start. 

Correct, that is what happens, but often you will find that the slow start can be caught up in a way that is more effective than trying to motivate everybody to work that bit harder on a Friday.

Especially in summer!

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