Finding your flow in your business

June 17, 2012

Sometimes, running a business can seem like a slog.  Other times, it is easy.  You can do it with your eyes shut. 

I’ve just finished an interesting book by Roger Hamilton called ‘Your life, your legacy’.  It talks about 8 wealth building profiles i.e. the 8 different ways you can make money.  It is similar to personality profiles but more specific to business building.  Any of the 8 can be used but the average business owner is going to be strong in 1 or 2 and not so strong in the other 6.

The idea is that you eventually operate within your own wealth profile.  In your own wealth profile, you are in the ‘flow’, where everything seems to work. 

It sounds a bit ‘out there’ but I think we’ve all had times where everything seems to lock together and it all becomes easier and more enjoyable.  Finding what you are essentially are really good at and operating within your strengths is the key to being really successful in your business, according to the book.

The book actually talks about wealth in broader terms than money but in all parts of life.  It comments on 38 entrepreneurs who were successful in business in their own wealth profiles and how this success flowed through to all parts of their life especially in the area of philanthropy.

The most thought provoking part of the book is the idea of finding those things that you really are excellent at and getting others to do the things that you are not good at.  Operating in ‘flow’ seems to be like more an enjoyable place to be than in the ‘slog’.  The ‘slog’ may not just be the economy, your customers, your team, your business but it may just be that you are doing many of the wrong things.  Those things may still need to be done but it is worth thinking about what things are you best placed to do and the things that you are not.

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