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September 12, 2015

Me and Amber have been offering the free tax, profit and accounts review for a number of years now since it is such a good way of helping people, whether they be a brand new business or an existing one, or a locum, freelancer or contractor, to get on top of their finance obligations and to understand how their numbers work including profit and tax.

Most people don’t work for themselves and become self employed because they want to deal with the finances.

However, it is what I did!

Not only do we ask all the right questions and find out whether you know what your tax liabilities are, how much money you are making vs how much you want to make, we also can give insights into the many pitfalls and opportunities of business.

We are also pretty good at recommending other suppliers for you since we know LOTS of people !!!!

If you would like a free tax, profits and accounts review either in person or on the phone please email me at

0113 337 2130

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