Don’t be a dinosaur – 3 ways to keep one step ahead

May 15, 2012

The world of business is changing faster than ever.  What was usual business practice 10 years ago now feels old.  The advance of technology and communication continues to morph the way we do business and it is very easy to get left behind.

Here’s 3 ways to stay ahead of the learning curve…

1) If you are not on it already, get on social media.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it will ‘generate leads’, it is not a marketing tool per se, it is a communication tool that will be (if not already) as basic to a business as having a website.  If you worried about ‘privacy’ or ‘keeping life and work separate’, go immediately to the nearest 20 year old and relay your concerns to them and see the strange look on their face.  You need to get over any resistance fast.  Speak to a social media whizz – I can recommend some.

2) Get paperless.  I was today talking to one of my directors about having the feel of paper to review work.  But I admit, I am a dinosaur on this point and I need to adapt or die.  Having paper is not good for the environment, not good for the creative flow in an office, inefficient and costly.  There’s enough technology out there to make it easier to adapt to. 

3) Re-invent your relationship with your customers.  It’s hard for me to articulate this in a short sentence but here goes…..there’s no barrier to your customers, there’s no secrets, there’s no protection.  You’ve got to open up the veil of secrecy in your business and invite people in.  You can’t isolate customers, if you give them great service they will talk, if you give them bad service, they will talk louder.  Engage with your customers in a way that none of your competitors do.  For more on this point (it’s deep!) please go to ‘What would Google do’, one of the best business books I have ever read.

Be warned, the moment you think you are ahead of your dinosaur competitors is the moment you have just fallen behind.

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