Does going to the gym make you more money?

June 14, 2015

In my pre-children, lazy, life melting away days, where I would regularly get up late and lounge around reading tax manuals in my dressing gown (we’ve all been there), my mother used to berate me because in her opinion, every successful person she’d ever met got up early and did exercise.

This advice from my mother fell on deaf ears (along with, “drinking a cup of tea will cool you down”) for a number of years until I started reading lots of business owners autobiographies and memoirs and found to my astonishment that she was right.

I then realised that there appeared to be a correlation to the successful business owners I know and those who regularly worked out.

Apparently, working out at the gym not only improves your health but it also makes you happy.  Does this happiness translate into being a better business owner?

I asked a few of my clients and the consensus appeared to be that going to the gym helps them think clearer and therefore helps them make better business decisions.  These better business decisions enabled them to make more money.

Has anybody else had this same revelation?

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