Do your customers know everything you offer? Here’s some ideas to start the conversation…

April 5, 2012

You’ve heard of the elevator pitch? This is the practice of describing your business in a few short sentences that will entice potential customers to know more. At my networking group we do something similar but have 60 seconds and have to request referrals to our business. The theory goes that to successfully explain everything your business does you need nearer 30 minutes.

30 minutes though is something you may not have with all of your customers. So how do you actually communicate everything that may be of interest to your customer? Some marketing gurus say that 50% of all your marketing should be to your existing customers and we know that they are more likely to buy from you since (presumably) they are already interested in what you do.

The tricky thing here is that whilst you may be in love with your business and everything you offer, the customer is only interested in the parts that will give them value. Depending on your customer base, it may take time to achieve the sort of relevance that will increase sales i.e. you may have to segment your customers into certain lists of likelihood of purchasing a different product.

A good starting point is to isolate your best customers – the ones that are raving fans of what you do. If you let these customers know more of what you offer even if they don’t want or need these additional services they may be more likely to tell others about it.

Another good idea is to get your team together and to brainstorm what non-core products do they think may have the biggest impact on the existing customer. When I have done this myself, I have always been really surprised at the outcome and the team members who are closest to the customers are the ones to listen to most.

There are obviously lots of digital ways you could communicate your extra products and services – website, emails, social media etc. Even a printed catalogue may work for your business.

The real trick is for all of your team to know and be passionate about all of your services since it is the team members that can potentially communicate to the customers more effectively than a systemised marketing approach (not that the team members’ conversations can’t be systemised with particular scripts). It really is ineffective for the business owner or sales team to be the only ones who are passionate about the non-core products, if the whole team is knowledgable and enthusiastic enough, this will eventually filter down to conversations with the customer.

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