Do I need to do something on auto-enrollment of pensions?

July 11, 2015

Yesterday I posted a blog about auto-enrollment of pensions.

The question now is – do you have to do anything about it?

If you have staff the answer is yes. 

Here’s what the Pensions Regulator says:

The date your automatic enrolment duties start is called your staging date and is when the law comes into effect for you. It can be found on the letters about automatic enrolment that we send to you.

There are several tasks you’ll need to complete before your staging date to be ready to comply with your duties – for example, choosing a pension scheme.

Give yourself plenty of time before your staging date to prepare for automatic enrolment. This will allow you time to plan your finances, and find the best pension scheme for your staff and to carry out other tasks listed in this guide.

If you don’t know your staging date, you can find it using your PAYE reference. If you don’t pay your staff through a PAYE scheme, your staging date will be 1 April 2017.

Follow this link to find out the staging date…..


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