Can table tennis help you grow your business?

June 5, 2012

One of the standard pieces of advice handed down by health and fitness gurus is to exercise regularly.  For example, 20 minutes a day will lower the risk of this and that, etc. etc.

Of course, we all know this to be true but it takes a great deal of willpower to keep this going so I borrowed another idea from a sales person a month or so ago who advised that before starting his daily sales calls he does 20 jumping jacks around the office.

Give this a go tomorrow and you will find that:

a) because of the physical exercise rush (endorphins etc.) you will feel positive and ready for your sales calls
b) your team will look at you very strangely (and rightly so)

You can also use this technique if you are starting to get overwhelmed with your task list/daily demands or just getting a bit stressed out.  Just before you are about to explode at someone, get off your chair and do 20 jumping jacks (to make it even more dramatic, do it around the person who is annoying you).

Whilst I can personally recommend the jumping jack method, the thing that really is doing it for me at the moment is table tennis.

Publish Interactive, a business in the Round Foundry Media Centre, where we are, has randomly put a table tennis table in one of the empty offices and has let all and sundry borrow bats and play.

I have been sending urgent meeting requests on Outlook to my team to play me.  So far, I have played 9 games against Hugh and have lost all of them and have played 1 game against Kirsty and have won 1, making me 100% against the girls and 0% against the boys.

What’s really interesting though, is the total physical exercise rush you get from a random game of table tennis in the middle of the day.  It seems to clear the brain out completely and has given me a real motivation for the latter part of the day (usually a slow part of the day for most people). 

So if you fancy trying this out, give us a call and give us a game.

0113 337 2130

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