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July 10, 2012

A few months ago I was in a meeting to look at making a sizeable investment in a capital product.  It was a big decision and we had seen quite a few suppliers of the same product.  I got to spend some time looking at the product, testing it out and assessing its capabilities.  You would think that what the meeting was about was the quality of the product and what the product could do.  I’m sure the suppliers of the product thought that’s what the meeting was about and I’m sure that the suppliers thought that I thought that’s what the meeting was about.

But they were wrong.

The meeting wasn’t about the product, it was about them.

We were buying the people in the meeting.

There were two people in the meeting both of them were (I think) sales people although one seemed more technical.  We were buying their faith in the product, we were trusting what they said was true.  Why were we trusting them?  Instinct.  At that stage, we had no third party referrals.  I asked them about the support for the product and they said that the support was great.  I had no evidence, I just had their word and I believed them.  I believed them because I liked them.

That’s it.  Yes, the product looked good.  Yes, the product looked like it would solve our problem.  Is it the best product out there?  Who knows.  It’s the best product we’ve seen but we haven’t seen every product.  Would I have purchased the product if I hadn’t liked the two people?  Not at all. 

Remember that next time you are in a sales meeting.  It’s not about what you sell, it’s about you.


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