Being busy doesn’t mean anything!

July 1, 2012

It’s funny how when you meet other business owners or other people at networking events that one of the first questions we ask each other is ‘are you busy?’  The answer of ‘yes’ is recognised as a good answer and ‘no’ as a bad response.  I guess the person asking the question really means how busy are you as a business as well as how busy are you as a person but it is interesting that busyness (business!) is often seen as something positive.

So why is it that the most financially successful people I know are never that busy?  I remember one particular day myself, battling through emails in my inbox, taking phone calls, speaking to the team and one of my best friends who has a very high powered job sends me an invitation to be part of his Euro 2012 fantasy football league.  How does he have time to take part in such a league?  (He took it reasonably seriously as well, tracking his results throughout the tournament)  I had no idea.  I took one look at the email and deleted it thinking there was no chance I could commit to such an endeavour.  As Bridget Jones says ‘I am too busy and important’.  Well, certainly the former, the latter is anyone’s guess!

Being busy doesn’t mean you are important and it doesn’t mean you are successful.  I know lots of busy people, too busy to read, to learn, to develop their business, to sort out their finances, to spend time with the family.  I am personally too busy to put up pictures in my lounge, work out how my back screen wind screen wiper works, book a holiday or sort out a cupboard door that has come off its hinges.  Yet I still found time to spend 60 minutes watching 2 episodes of ‘The Thick of it’ last night, 2 episodes that I had seen before. 

Being busy doesn’t mean anything. 


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