Are your team leading to your greatness?

June 30, 2012

If I was to think about the succesful business owners that I know personally, some clients, some not, I would be able to come up with some common characteristics despite the businesses themselves being in different sector and despite the business owners being different types of people.

The characteristic that stands out the most is how good their teams are.  They all have good people working for them.  More than that even, it is the business owners attitude to the team which stands out, they are heavily invested in their team and believe that having a good team is essential to their success.

The old joke goes “there is no I in TEAM, but there is a ME”, I prefer the acronym T-E-A-M – together everyone achieves more, a bit clichéd but isn’t cliché just overused truth?

I see many business owners over the course of the year.  Ambitious, single-minded, passionate people all of them, but these characteristics only take you so far.  To really grow your business to a high level of size and profitability it is far less to do with how good you are as a salesperson, technician or entrepreneur – it comes down to, how well can you manage people.

In a team of 5, managing people is important but not essential – hard work can paper over any management cracks.  In a team of 50, you need strong leadership and a robust management structure with regular reporting.  Team becomes everything and recruitment becomes a win or lose situation on any hire.

No matter how good you are at what you do, what you sell, what you know or how hard you work, you cannot get to the top without an amazing team behind you, leading you to the next level.  You can’t find a great team, you attract a great team.  You have to be great yourself in order to get the great team.



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