Are you bold enough to take on the 30 day squat challenge? Our accountants are!

April 26, 2016


A couple of accountants in my team have picked up an app called the 30 day squat challenge.

It’s a free app although you have to put up with adverts.

As the name suggests, it is 30 days of doing squats.  Not just jumping up and down but actually bending your knees right down to the floor and up again.

What’s weird about the app is that you would think over 30 days it would start you with say 5 or even 10 squats.

It starts with 30 squats!

I undertook this challenge and now can’t actually walk.  My legs ache and I’ve got to play football tonight.

My accountants tell me that after day 10, the pain starts to go away!  So play through pain or give up on day 2?

I will keep you posted.

Let us know if you would like to join the challenge!


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