aaaaaaaaarrrgh – the horror that is HMRC’s RTI payroll tax system part 3

February 12, 2016



So I’ve blogged twice before on the horrors of the RTI payroll tax system.

Here is the third thing that is tricky about the system (and perhaps the worst).

The point of RTI (Real Time Information) was that it is supposed to give HMRC and us real time information of where we are with payroll tax. However, HMRC’s records take a while to catch up with RTI reports and payments.  This means that for several days each month the amount of PAYE tax and NI on your HMRC online account may show an underpayment when one doesn’t exist.

Usually, you can leave it a few days and it will correct itself but if it doesn’t match, I recommend calling the HMRC employer helpline and registering a formal dispute.  If it doesn’t get resolved, make sure it is referred to the Disputes Resolution Team, they have a good record for sorting out this type of problem.

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