aaaaaaaaarrrgh – the horror that is HMRC’s RTI payroll tax system part 2

January 29, 2016



More horror stories from HMRC’s RTI payroll tax system….

Duplicate records.

HMRC has been blaming employers for this but often it is the RTI payroll system fault.  The trouble starts if you amend an employee’s payroll record to take account of a change in their personal details, e.g. date of birth, address or to add an NI number.  The information goes to HMRC as part of your full payment submission or EPS payroll report.  Because the new employee details don’t tie in with the old ones, HMRC’s assumes it’s a new employee and sets up a new record.

If you become aware of a duplicate record, a good indicator is receiving two tax codes for the same employee, contact HMRC’s employer helpline – 0300 200 3200 immediately and ask for the record to be corrected.

Don’t accept HMRC’s work around which is for you to submit future RTI reports showing the old (out of date) information.  This will cause you more problems in the long run.

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