A quick check to see if you are putting enough money aside for your tax

Author: Russell Smith
September 13, 2015

Most of our personal expenditure is paid monthly. If you are / were employed you pay your tax monthly.

There are some great tax benefits to being self employed or a limited company but a potential drawback is that you have a large tax bill in a one-off hit (or two-off hit if you are a self employed individual) during the year.

If you don’t have the money for this, it can cause interest and penalties and STRESS!

If you have a looming tax bill (or even if it is not looming) and you want to know a rough estimate on whether you have enough money to pay your tax – give me a call on 0113 394 4616. Myself or one of my team can do a quick calculation to see whether you are ahead or behind – peace of mind guaranteed!

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