5 things to do this week that are neither urgent or important

April 1, 2012

I’m writing this watching the ITV production of Titanic (hey, I’m on holiday) which to be honest is okay but isn’t great. I think Stephen Covey would class this as a ‘not important, not urgent’ task (in his book ‘7 habits of highly effective book’). Sometimes though, you need a bit of downtime (or a bit of ‘downtime abbey’) and it is Sunday evening.

Come Monday morning though, there will be urgent tasks and massive demands for most business owners. So to kick you off for the week, here’s 5 tasks that are neither important or urgent that you may want to try and do this week:

1. Clean out your in-tray

The chances are, there’s nothing in your in-tray that needs any action or serious attention so potentially a pointless task but that tray full of random bits of paper is probably starting to do your head in, so spend 10 minutes getting rid of it (or spend 30 seconds by just throwing it in the bin).

2. Play a ‘song of the day’

One of our directors, in a bid to inject more fun into our office, came up with the idea of a ‘song of the day’. Basically, at some point in the afternoon someone plays a song on their laptop to the team. We now do this everyday and all get a turn.

3. Phone a customer and ask them how they are

Here’s a good one, phone a customer up without any agenda whatsoever, just phone them up for a ‘chat’, just for fun!

4. The next time you get a cold call, engage in conversation and reverse sell them

Now, you are going to need a bit of gumption to do this but the next time you get a cold call, actually engage in conversation with them and then try to turn the conversation around so that you are selling them your services. There’s probably zero chance of getting a sale but its funny to hear how the cold-caller reacts.

5. Buy your whole team some chocolate

One of my team bought me a cake this week, it was lush. He’s now my new best friend! Why not, buy your whole team some chocolate – do it tomorrow, everybody could do with a boost on a Monday (literally buy them a ‘boost’ chocolate bar for added effect).

Let me know if you manage to do any of the above next week – russell@rsaccountancy.co.uk

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