5 hot tips on writing a blog…..

April 19, 2012

Is there anything more self-congratulatory than writing a blog about writing a blog?  Probably not.  However, yesterday I wrote my 100th blog, I have written a blog every day for the past 91 days (except for one day that I was ill) so in a celebration of this fact (!) here are my 5 hot tips on writing a blog.

Blogging is one of those things that many people talk about doing but few do.  I always think that the general quality of blogs is really high.  I got the idea of a daily blog from a ‘SUCCESS’ magazine interview with Seth Godin (his blog is excellent) who challenged the listeners to write a daily blog.  At first, it seemed difficult, now it seems as natural as brushing my teeth (actually, that probably isn’t the case but you get what I mean).

So here’s the 5 tips:

1. Keep it consistent.  Daily might be too much but if it is weekly or monthly, make sure you do it.  Any website with a blog that is either really old or there are not that many blog posts makes it look like the business that has just dabbled and this can send off the wrong message.

2. Link it to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In and other social media.  This is how I get my readers.

3. Email your customers about it, blogs can act as a helpful step for prospects or as a value added service to your customers.

4. Try and make it NOT BORING.  Yes, you may run a business but business is FUN (most of the time!)

5. Write about personal stuff.  I think this is the bit that people who dabble in social media don’t understand.  People want to know about YOU, they want to know about your business also, but you are interesting so write about yourself.

So that’s the challenge – start a blog. 

If you do, email me at russell@rsaccountancy.co.uk and I will help spread the word.

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